Lavandula intermedia ‘Grosso’

Lavandula is a species of shrubby, compact perennials that are widely known for their herbal and aromatic properties. Lavandula’s produce stalks covered in blue, violet, or purple tubular flowers that typically bloom twice a year above they grey/green foliage. Best suited for edging, herb gardens, or mass planting, the petals are typically used as a spice or to make essential oils. Their beautiful aroma attracts pollinators of all kinds.

Hardy to Zones: 5-9

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  • Fragrant
  • Early blooming, abundant flowering
  • Attracts pollinators



Flower Color: Deep violet
Foliage: Green, silver
Type: Perennial
Habit: Shrubby, compact
Height: 24-32″
Width: 24-32″
Flower Timing: Spring to fall
Heat Tolerance: Full sun to part shade
Patented: Open
Uses: Containers, landscape


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Herbs, Perennial