At Quality Cuttings Team, we believe our customers are our most valuable partners, and we are committed to supporting their success. We are a premier provider of quality unrooted cuttings, sourcing and shipping the highest quality unrooted cuttings from domestic and off-shore stock, including our close partnership with Floraplant S.A. de C.V. From perennials and annuals to succulents, Quality Cuttings Team has more than 700 varieties in our premier Floraplant program. Our customer service in the wholesale horticulture trade is second to none, with reliable service and production quality. We’re excited to help you bring new, colorful, exciting varieties to your customers!

Quality Cuttings Team is proud to offer FloraPlant SA de CV as our premier program. FloraPlant SA de CV is a premium exporter of quality cuttings to growers in North America. This customer-friendly company offers an enhanced selection of succulent varieties, including Crassula, Echeveria, Kalanchoe and Sedum. Samples are available through your broker!