Gazania rigens Giant Red Bronze

The general purpose of this gazania is as a potted bedding plant or a patio plant. Vigor and strong filled plant structure give this plant width development of 40 – 45 cm in diameter; in addition to that, this plant shows big, vividly colored flowers with an average diameter of 11 – 12 cm. Continuous flowering during summer until autumn with flowers that stay open for a long time during daytime and summer evenings. Multiplying is done by striking cuttings of plants, the starting materials for the production plants are the elite plants.

Hardy to Zones: 9-11

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  • Low maintenance
  • High heat tolerance
  • Vibrant colors
  • Pollinator



Flower Color: Red
Foliage: Green
Type: Annual
Habit: Mounding
Height: 12-24″
Width: 12-24″
Flower Timing: Spring to fall
Heat Tolerance: Full sun to part shade
Patented: Brand Lommerse Breeding
Uses: Containers, landscape

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