Delosperma Jewel of Desert Opal

The Delosperma Jewel of Desert series is an absolute breakthrough. Its flowers make your garden smile! This is a new generation of Delospermas with an extremely long flowering period from spring to first frost. The Jewel of Desert series consists of various colors. Jewel of Desert Opal has fuchsia-colored flowers. Opal is drought-resistant and winter hardy to USDA zone 5a. It reaches a height of 6″ and a width of 12″. It loves getting a lot of sunshine!

Hardy to Zone 5a.

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  • Very abundant flowering
  • Bright flower color
  • Reblooming
  • Disease intolerant



Flower Color: Fuschia
Foliage: Green
Type: Perennial
Habit: Tightly matted
Height: 6″
Width: 12″
Flower Timing: Spring to late fall
Heat Tolerance: Full sun
Patented: Brand Concept Plants
Uses: Rock gardens, borders, containers

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