Crassula perforata

Crassula perforata is a gorgeous succulent that will happily keep you company as an indoor plant. Like most succulents, perforata is water wise, easy to care for, and spreads quickly. Fleshy, triangle shaped leaves stack on top of each other to create a unique look on tall stalks.  The spring and summer months bring beautiful blooms of cream to yellow clusters of blooms.

Hardy to Zones: 9-11



  • Water wise
  • Low maintenance
  • Fast spreading



Flower Color: Yellow, cream
Foliage: Green, grey, blue
Type: Succulent
Habit: Sprawling, shrubby
Height: 18-20″
Width: 24-36″
Flower Timing: Spring to fall
Heat Tolerance: Full sun to part shade
Patented: Open
Uses: Containers, landscape, houseplant

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