Clematis tangutica Little Lemons (‘Zo14100’) PP32,355

Clematis Little Lemons was selected because of the extraordinary dwarf habit, the long flowering period, and the final flowers that give seed fluff that last a couple of weeks. In the Netherlands, the flowers draw specifically bees and bumblebees. Clematis Little Lemons makes stems of 8-12″ long with sometimes an outlier to 20″. The leaf is pinnate and green colored. The yellow flowers are nodding and beautifully bell-shaped. After flowering, the shiny seed fluff appears; the side flowers usually have no seed fluff. Clematis Little Lemons flowers from mid-May to early September. Prune in March to 4″ above the ground. This Clematis belongs to the Tangutica Group.

Hardy to Zone 5b.

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  • Pollinator friendly
  • Nice, yellow bell-shaped flowers
  • Fluffy seed heads after flowering
  • Dwarf habit
  • Very long flowering period
  • Excellent pot plant



Flower Color: Pale yellow
Foliage: Small, mid-green
Type: Perennial
Habit: Dwarf
Height: 8-12″
Flower Timing: Summer to fall
Heat Tolerance: Full sun to part shade
Patented: Brand Concept Plants
Uses: Containers, landscape, ground cover

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