Calibrachoa ‘Illusion’

Calibrachoa “Illusion” has been named the hottest new bed and balcony annual, and for good reason! It’s unique color pattern definitely catches eyes with rings of colors, each more intense than the last coming into a deep yellow eye. ‘Illusion’ will not disappoint, giving any flower lover an abundance of consistent blooms all season long.

Hardy to Zones: 9-11

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  • Intense color that holds all season
  • Floriferous, consistent blooms
  • Unique color pattern



Flower Color: Pink, magenta, purple
Foliage: Green
Type: Annual
Habit: Trailing
Height: 6-12″
Width: 12-24″
Flower Timing: Spring to fall
Heat Tolerance: Full sun to part shade
Patented: Brand Westhoff
Uses: Containers, landscape, hanging baskets, gardens







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