Ajuga Princess Nadia (‘Piotrek01’) PP31,028

Princess Nadia is the first multi-colored version of Ajuga tenorii which is a sport of Chocolate Chip. In spring, cream-purple foliage with glowing pink edges appear. In late spring, the biggest surprise are the royal blue flower spikes that emerge. Not just one, but a lot of them! As a bonus it reblooms in late summer with several flower spikes. It has a controlled creeping habit. Where reptans is open, Ajuga tenorii Princess Nadia is tight like a cushion. It never becomes invasive like other varieties of Ajuga. Ideal for mass plantations, mixed containers, specimen, flowering borders or ribbon plantations.

Hardy to Zone 4b.

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  • Abundant flowering
  • Very fine foliage
  • Intense blue-purple flower color
  • Intense pink, new shoots
  • Low maintenance



Flower Color: Purple, lavender, blue-purple, pink, pale pink
Foliage: Variegated
Type: Perennial
Habit: Upright, tight, compact
Height: 6-8″
Width: 8-10″ over a 3-year period
Flower Timing: Late spring and summer
Heat Tolerance: Part shade to full shade
Patented: Brand Concept Plants
Uses: Mixed containers, mass planting, specimen, flowering borders, ribbon plantations

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