Ajuga Princess Leia

Ajuga Princess Leia is a very popular ground-covering perennial. Perhaps she owes her popularity to the deep purple flowers and uniquely patterned leaves, or perhaps she’s loved for her contribution to biodiversity: bees are as big a fan of this heat tolerant Ajuga as people are.
Princess Leia is the ideal ground cover to add a splash of color to shady corners (though she loves a spot in full sun just as much!). She’s an incredibly fast grower and her green and white variegated foliage is crowned with deep purple flowers in spring. Princess Leia has a low, compact habit which makes her perfectly suited for pots and containers on a patio or balcony as well.

Hardy to Zone 4b.

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  • Striking variegated foliage
  • Unique leaf pattern
  • Compact groundcover
  • Low maintenance
  • Attracts bees and butterflies


Flower Color: Purple
Foliage: Variegated
Type: Perennial
Habit: Upright, tight, compact
Height: 6″
Width: 10″
Flower Timing: Late spring and summer
Heat Tolerance: Full sun to part shade
Patented: Brand Concept Plants
Uses: Mixed containers, mass planting, specimen, flowering borders, ribbon plantations




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