Pericallis hybrid SENETTI® Magenta Bicolor



Flower Color: Magenta with White Center
Type: Annual
Habit: Compact
Foliage: Green
Soil: Well drained

Sun: Moderate
Patented: Yes
Uses: Container Gardens, Gardens, Landscapes
Height: 12 to 24-inches Spread: 12 to18-inches
Flower Timing: Early Spring, Spring
Brand: Suntory
Rooted or Unrooted? unrooted

Other Notes: When it comes to early spring color, you can’t beat the Senetti pericallis series from Suntory Flowers. Three inches across flower count can be as high as 200 on a plant grown in a 10-inch pot in electric shades of blue, purple, pink and magenta. Senetti varieties are dramatically different from old-fashioned cinerarias. Although the vivid bicolor flowers look familiar, the cool weather garden performance, durability, and vigor Senetti offers is so much better. Plus Senetti has a unique reblooming ability and can be cut back for a fresh flush of flowers.


Photo and information courtesy of Suntory:

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Suntory, Suntory Flowers

Flower Color

deep pink, magenta

Flower Type





10, 11, 12, 9