Senecio serpens (formerly Kleinia repens)



Flower Color: red
Type: Succulent
Habit: ground cover
Heat Tolerance: full sun zones 1-10
Patented: No
Uses: Landscape, mass planting, containers, groundcover, borders
Height: 10″- 1‘ Spread: 2′- 3′
Flower Timing: summer
Rooted or Unrooted? unrooted

Light Levels: Full sun to part shade

Temperature: 75-83 degrees F

Watering: Do not over mist or over-water. Kleinia favor dry conditions once roots are well established.

Fertilizer: 50-100 ppm nitrogen

Ph: 5.4 – 6.0

Pinching: Pinching will promote branching. It may also delay the finish time.

Pests: Standard practices. Pests to watch for are aphids and spider mites

Disease: Keeping the plants dry will emiminate most of the potential for disease

Pot Size Wks from rooted cutting PPP
4 or 5-inch 7-8 wks 1
Gallon 9-10 wks 3

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