Diascia Sundiascia Upright Blush White



Flower Color: White
Type: Annual
Habit: Upright
Foliage: Green
Heat Tolerance: Excellent
Patented: Yes
Uses: Yes
Flower Timing: 
Brand: Suntory
Rooted or Unrooted? unrooted

ROOTING: 12-14 days, at temperatures of 64-75o

PLANTING: For 4″ (10 cm) pot, use 1 plant per pot. Ready for sales (from rooted cutting) within 5-7 weeks.

For 6″ (15 cm)pot, use 1-2 plants per pot. Ready in 7-9 weeks.

For 10″ (25 cm) hanging baskets or pots, use 3-4 plants. Ready in 9-11 weeks.


PINCHING: Pinch once, 10-14 days after planting.


LIGHT INTENSITY: Full sunlight to partial shade (min. 5,000 fc / 50,000 LUX).


TEMPERATURE: Day 64-75o, Cool Nights 52-59o


FERTIZILATION: Constant feed, with a balanced fertilizer (200 ppm N), that contains average levels of micronutrients with a slightly increased level of iron.


IRRIGATION: Keep moist, however make sure the medium is well drained and avoid surplus watering.


MEDIUM: Well-drained, disease-free potting mix. pH 5.5- 6.0, EC 0.6 – 0.9.


GROWTH REGULATORS: Optional. Not necessary under high light intensities. 1-3 sprays of ALAR (B-Nine) 2 r/L according to required plant size.


DISEASES & PEST CONTROL: Diseases: Botrytis, Pythium, Crown and Root Rots. Avoid burying crown too deeply when transplanting. Drench with a broad-spectrum fungicides. Diascia is sensitive to several viruses; therefore it is essential to start with virus-free material.


Insects: Aphids, White Flies. Spray preventatively prior to bloom.

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